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We are continuously expanding our goals to improve mankind’s quality of living...

At Eroğlu Holding, we achieved our dream of becoming a global brand by believing, fighting for the values we believe in and working hard. Being fast, honest and scrupulous is a fundamental element in business. Since we started contract manufacturing with 6 machines, our number one principle has been to invest in and respect people.

We operate with the knowledge that the secret formula discovered by successful companies is to treat customers, guests and employees with a humanistic perspective. Today, as an international company, we are proud to sustain and enhance our same essential principles. In a changing and increasingly more globalized world, the new and invisible balances behind enterprise are ambition, endurance, decisiveness, leadership and marketing skills. Enterprises that result in great success have a common feature. They all allocate a great share for research and development, direct their financial resources correctly, employ specialists with in-depth knowledge of the market and place the necessary emphasis on human resources. Properly channeling our entrepreneurial spirit and the delicate balances that come with it plays an important role in the rapid growth of our holding company and its present-day success. In addition to keeping up with the latest technological advances and our resulting investments in machinery, our focus on investing in human resources is greatly influential in making all of this technology meaningful. Thanks to its educated and talented administrative staff as well as its experienced employees, the holding manages to combine its customer satisfaction-focused service approach with industrial knowledge and expertise to reflect the company’s purpose and corporate identity to its target audience in the best way possible.

Our group and its brands have attained the same position as Turkish and international companies in their own industry whose history dates back 100 years, and they will continue to move forward, fueled by the dynamism of their youth. Our goal as Eroğlu Holding is to provide a better quality of living for people.
Nurettin EROĞLU Chairman of the Board, Eroğlu Holding/INC