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The purpose is to manage personal characteristics, information and skills capacity of employees in a strategic and dynamic way for the purpose of achieving the goals of our Company, to find, develop and reward quality human resource and to ensure that our company is a preferred organization, to create right solutions and to maintain our continuous and visional enhancement efforts.


Human Resources Management Processes;

•Human Resources Planning Management
•Selection and Placement Management
•Education and Development Management
•Performance Development and Career Management
•Social Interaction and Social Support Management

The purpose is to realize business strategies and targets by considering existing resources for the purpose of setting up management strategies and to determine selection and placement management in line with needs, budgeting, wage system, recruitment methods, assessment methods, workplace working conditions and training and development policies.

Selection and placement process starts with annual Human Resources Planning and budget studies.

The purpose of selection and placement management is to select the right person who has the required characteristics in line with the planned personnel needs, suitable for corporate culture and common values, meets the requirements of the positions, contributes to the corporate vision, conveys the company to the future and to place him/her to the right position according to his/her experience and competencies.

Recruitment process starts with the general interview of the candidates that are designated by the Human Resources Directorate. Duties, qualifications, personal behaviors and competencies of the candidates are observed and searched. Then, it is ensured that the relevant managers conduct technical interview with those candidates that are considered eligible for the purpose of analyzing their technical knowhow, suitability and experience. If the candidates are designated as eligible, then reference search is carried out. The result of reference search is shared with Human Resources Manager and Technical Managers, and the most eligible candidates are selected and a final interview call is made. Wage policy and assessment of Company is shared with candidates and recruitment process is finalized.

Our Company aims to ensure continuous cultural and professional development of our employees and to maximize current performance of them. Trainings start with Orientation process and continue with trainings on personal development, information and skills and performance development. The training activities of our Company are categorized as on the job and off the job training.  On the job trainings start with the selection of trainers among managers and are structured in accordance with the characteristics and technical knowhow of trainers. Off the job trainings cover training programs that are executed in cooperation with independent consulting firms.

Also, our Company organizes Language Education courses with foreign language education institutions in order to enhance foreign language level of our employees.

Our Company considers it important to enhance competencies and performance of its employees. It implements an objective and transparent performance development method. Performance development system is taken as basis for the development and career opportunities for our employees and for their salary increases.

The purpose of the system:

  • Assist employees with their development and increase their productivity and efficiency,
    •Strengthen team works to achieve the targets of our Company,
    •Enhance communication between managers and employees,
    •Reward high performance,
    •Increase motivation and engagement.

Performance development and career management is the process of monitoring individual targets, duties and competencies of employees throughout the year.


Our Company provides lunch at our Head Office and projects as a result of cooperation for the provision of meals. We also have shuttle bus for easy access of all our employees to their workplace. We organize bowling, football tournaments and excursions at designated times during the year and ensure that our employees attend these activities all together.

You can apply to the job advertisements of our Company through the websites www.kariyer.net and www.linkedin.com