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POLİMEKS shows diligence in protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy outlines the types of information collected in this website and how they are protected and maintained by EROGLU.

Unless willingly given by the visitor, none of the websites of EROGLU collect any private information from the users.

As a general rule, the private information as may be submitted by our visitors to our website (your name, your electronic mail address, work and personal address and your phone numbers) is by no means sold out, rented to, shared with or otherwise let be used by any third party.

Upon your visit to the website of EROGLU, an instruction is provided on what you should do to evade giving any private information if you do not want the collection of your private information, and on how you can change your existing private information. This Policy applies only to this website and not to our advertisement or promotions at other websites owned by third parties.

Collection of Private Information;
Using EROGLU website and submitting your private information by your will attests to your admission of the existing privacy policy, and the conditions thereof, as declared in this website. During the reservation requests of our visitors or their filling a questionnaire or their request for delivery of an e-bulletin; private information may be collected from the visitors at their option. Unless you provide such information on a voluntary basis, no private information is collected from you during your visits to our website.

The Purpose of the Collection of Information and the Method of Use;
EROGLU uses the information you provide by your will for the following purposes;

To send you printed bulletins, magazines, and letters on our campaigns
To keep you informed via electronic mails, SMS, and inform you about our campaigns,
To identify our visitors’ profile,
To assess your requests, demands and complaints.
Your private information and data can only be used for the aforementioned purposes, and during the legal proceedings based on a court decree or the legal proceedings.

If you want to leave us at any time, daily email mailing list , at the bottom of the email we sent " e- newsletter list , please click here to leave us " link, e-mail membership in a single click , you can easily unsubscribe.

Collection of Other Non-Private User Information;
EROGLU collects the features such as user intensity, pages visited, hit rates during the visitor’ navigation in our website on automatic and unanimous basis. Such data is only used for determining the hit rate of different pages and sections without any connection with the private information of the visitors. Similarly, where the cookie technology, which identifies how and which pages are visited, is used; this usage only serves the purpose of determining the hit rates of different chapters of the website on statistical basis, and this is not a personalized application. The purpose of using this technology is to make the content of the more frequently visited pages more easily accessible to the users from the first moment of their visit.

Information Security;
All precautions as required to assure the security of your information are being taken and serious investment is made on this subject. Such information is subject to limited access for the purpose of preventing unauthorized access to, modification and abuse of the information. EROGLU inserts a “privacy” provision to all its contracts with its service providers in order to prevent by all means the delivery of such information to third parties without its content. For your security, please do not share your password with anyone  after your registration to the Internet Sale System.

Website Usage Conditions;
EROGLU uses its website to announce its occasional campaigns, the points and content that may attract the interest of the visitors, and various other services and activities. EROGLU reserves the right to unilaterally amend and update the content of the website and the provisions and conditions published herein without any notice.

Amendments to our Policy;
EROGLU reserves the right to amend or cancel this Privacy Policy.

Contact Us;
If you would like contact us to share with us any opinion, ask any questions or inform us on any violation regarding this Privacy Policy; you can contact us via the Contact Us link. EROGLU will take the required action to satisfy these requests. A visitor ofPOLIMEKS’s website  is deemed to have agreed with all of these conditions.




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